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The strength of qualitative research lies in its ability to make deep connections with people – connections that enrich our understanding of their desires, values and opinions.

This year, the QRC and QRCA Canada set out to stretch the boundaries of our industry to make deep connections into the current challenges that we as recruiters, research buyers and suppliers, are faced with on an ongoing basis. The goal is not only to expose and discuss these challenges but also to look at them from a different perspective. By shedding new light on traditional ways of doing, and exploring new ideas from different areas and innovations, we will be Exploring the 3 i's to provide meaningful, thought-provoking insights, interactions and inspirations.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Our i3 conference is organized by the MRIA Qualitative Research Council in cooperation with QRCA-Canada, a dynamic team of marketing research industry specialists, all of whom are volunteers.

All sponsors will be acknowledged fully in recognition of their support. Sponsorships are directed towards a variety of areas and we encourage you to find the best level and series of comprehensive benefits that suit your business objectives.

Sponsorship Levels:
Pinnacle $4,500
Platinum $2,000
Gold $750
Silver $500
Diamond $300
Sponsorship Descriptions:

Pinnacle Sponsorship

Platinum Sponsorship

Gold Sponsorship

Silver Sponsorship

Diamond Qualitative

How to become a Sponsor

To book your sponsorship package, kindly complete the Sponsorship Form [PDF format] and fax it to the address indicated on the form along with your payment information. Some sponsorships have a limited number of openings so ACT QUICKLY to avoid disappointment!

For more information or to sponsor the i3 conference, please do not hesitate to contact
Gini Smith at (416) 544- 3022 or by email at gini.smith@research-house.ca

Thank you for your support!!!